New Year's speech from CEO of ZCJSD turbo blower

Good afternoon to all our friends, who has cared about the development of turbo blower ZCJSD, sincerely thank you for your support in the year 2019.

When we look at the past year, we are proud to say that ZCJSD turbo blower has become the leader in turbo blower industry. I firstly want to give my thanks to my team, to every factory engineer who devote him time on R&D, production, inspection etc, to every sales people who has tried to take ZCJSD turbo blower to every site and every industry, to administrative and finance staff, to purchase and supply staff, sincerely thanks for your efforts.

Secondly, thanks very much to all our clients and partners, it’s your support and trust which has pushed us froward, it’s your support and trust which has give us confidence, it’s your support and trust which has build our reputation. We are not perfect when we just start the business, but it’s you, our clients and partner, we become more than perfect now and we have been leading in the turbo blower industry for the past 2 year, and we will go into new energy industry, our hydrogen fuel cell compressor has been applied for more than 3000 sets of vehicles in China and we have built strategic cooperation with famous vehicle manufacturer in China.

Another good news is that we new production line will be put into production within next 5 month, our turbo blower production capability will be around 1100 sets per year by then, we will be the biggest turbo blower manufacturer in the world.

2019 is gone and 2020 is new start, we hope everybody achieve his dream in the new year, we hope everybody take more exercise and be more healthier, our best wished to you and your family.

Happy New Year 2020.


Wang Hong