ZCJSD Turbo Blower team work from home to work at office

Turbo Blower ZCJSD team work from home to work at office on 2019.2.18, Mayor of Xinji City come to visit our company and encourage us to work together to start production gradully and meet the market requierment for turbo blower and contribute our strength to waste water treatment industry, cement industry and new energy vehicle industry, where our hydrogen fuel cell air compressor is widely used.

Mayor Wang visit our ZCJSD turbo blower

Mayor Wang visit ZCJSD air bearing and Application Engineering Technology Research Center

Mayor Wang visit ZCJSD turbo blower quality control workshop

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Turbo Blower ZCJSD General Introduction

ZCJSD turbo blower is the first and biggest air bearing turbo blower manufacturer in China and biggest turbo blower manufacturer in the world with annual production of 1000 sets from 20HP to 400HP.

Website: www.zcjsd.com.cn www.turboblower.com.cn

Email: zcjsd@zcjsd.com.cn