Турбокомпрессор - газовый компрессор


Турбокомпрессор - газовый компрессор

Серия газовых турбокомпрессоров предназначена для CO2, CH4, гелия, неона, аргона, криптона, ксенона, радона и т.д., а взрывозащита IIBT3 подходит для работы турбокомпрессора и турбовоздуходувки в условиях сероводорода, этиленгликоля, водорода, кислорода, биогаза и т.д.

Технология турбокомпрессора

Турбокомпрессор состоит из основной технологии двигателя турбокомпрессора, высокоскоростного VFD, интеллектуальной системы управления, сенсорной панели управления и пульта дистанционного управления с мобильного телефона.

Turbo Compressor Engine

Turbo compressor engine is high speed centrifugal compressor.


High Speed VFD

The developed high performance VFD for high speed permanent magnet motor is more energy-saving and high-efficient. 


Smart Control System

It adopts PLC control with multiple communication method. Multiple control and monitoring is available, including the on-site, DCS remote and 4G-LTE.

Through state monitoring of logic data, built-in control program automatically detects, judges and terminates abnormal operation.

One-button start-stop control is reserved to facilitate on-site commissioning and troubleshooting under abnormal operation in time.


Touch Screen Control Panel 

Simple and clear interface is easy to operate, detect and display system pressure and flow curve in real time. 


Mobile Phone Remote Control

Turbo compressor can be remotely monitored and controlled through mobile devices by user.


Turbo Compressor Engine Technology

Turbo compressor engine consist of core technology of High Speed Impeller, High Speed Motor, Air Bearing, High Speed Rotor, High Speed Rotor Coil and Volute.

Anti-corrosive Coated Impeller

Turbo compressor gas compressor engine adopts high speed impeller with anti-corrosive coating, which is good for long-term service life of impeller and improves impeller efficiency.

High Speed Motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor is with electromagnetic efficiency up to 98%, wide range of high efficient operation, directly-driven loading, and without transmission loss.


Air Bearing 

Air bearing is designed for complex operating conditions like high speed, extreme temperature, large loading and strong vibration.


High Speed Motor

Turbo compressor gas compressor engine adopts professional sealed motor to avoid gas leakage.

High Speed Rotor Coil

Class H insulation is adopted to make the motor has high reliability and durability even operating in high temperature, strong corrosion and current shock.



High efficient aerodynamic design ensure good aerodynamic performance of blade and low aerodynamic noise, which help satisfy high pressure ratio, high efficiency and large flow aerodynamic performance


Turbo Compressor Advantage

High Efficiency

Turbo compressor save 50% electricity bill more than traditional compressor.

Smart Control

Turbo compressor adopt touch screen control panel and mobile phone remote control. It supports multiple control methods.

Plug and Play

Turbo compressor air flow and pressure is adjusted by compressor rotation speed.

Easy Maintenance

Regularly replace filter cotton as per the hints. The maintenance is easy and fast with extremely low cost.

Turbo Compressor Parameter Table

Discharge Pressure kpaAir Flow(m3/min)20Humidity60%, 1atm

Air Bearing

Air bearing is designed for complex operating conditions like high speed, extreme temperature, large loading and strong vibration.


Design Simulation

The bearing load capacity, rigidity and damping coefficients can be precisely predicted by the self-developed simulation software for air bearing performance.

A series of bearing development is completed: bearing diameter range of 20mm~100 mm; bearing operating speed ranges from 20 krpm to 200 krpm. The power of air bearing supported machine ranges from 10 kW to 500 kW.

_0007_Air-Bearing-Design-Simulation-3  _0006_Air-Bearing-Design-Simulation-4

_0008_Air-Bearing-Design-Simulation-2  _0009_Air-Bearing-Design-Simulation-1


A comprehensive air bearing test system has been established. Our fully-developed bearing test capability and data analysis capability can carry out performance verification for air bearing and provide technical support for the test, as a result tailor-made products can be realized. 

_0004_Air-Bearing-Test-1  _0003_Air-Bearing-Test-2

_0011_背景  _0002_Air-Bearing-Test-3


By complete production process flow for air bearing and the perfect supply chain system, the key and core process manufacture can all be carried out by ourselves. With an annual output of 5000 sets of bearing, it realizes bearing series, batch production and supports bearing customization.  


Core Technology:

  • anti-corrosive-coated-impeller
  • Высокоскоростной двигатель
    Высокоскоростной двигатель
  • professional-sealed-motor
  • Воздушный подшипник
    Воздушный подшипник
  • Высокоэффективная Волюта
    Высокоэффективная Волюта
  • Высокоскоростная катушка ротора
    Высокоскоростная катушка ротора
  • Высокоскоростной ротор
    Высокоскоростной ротор
  • Двигатель с турбовоздуходувкой
    Двигатель с турбовоздуходувкой
  • Пульт дистанционного управления мобильным телефоном
    Пульт дистанционного управления мобильным телефоном
  • Высокоскоростной ЧРП
    Высокоскоростной ЧРП
  • Панель управления с сенсорным экраном
    Панель управления с сенсорным экраном
  • Интеллектуальная система управления
    Интеллектуальная система управления
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